hot yoga burn more fat

Does Hot Yoga Burn More Fat Than Regular Yoga? Get the Answer

Yoga has become a highly popular technique to improve overall physical health, mental health, balance, strength, flexibility and many other features that are great for you. As with everything that is meant to make you healthier and that has gained a certain amount of popularity, hot yoga has become a favorite topic for top celebrities. Read more about Does Hot Yoga Burn More Fat Than Regular Yoga? Get the Answer[…]

recover faster after workouts

How I Recover Faster After Hardcore Workout Sessions

I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard over the last couple of weeks. I’m trying to get myself back on track this year – after indulging way too much over the holidays – and I have some new goals I want to reach this year beyond what I accomplished last year. It has motivated me to Read more about How I Recover Faster After Hardcore Workout Sessions[…]

maintain energy levels winter

What I Use to Keep up Energy Levels Throughout Winter Workouts

The winter is a fantastic time of year for curling up with a book while wrapped up in a warm blanket. Finding motivation and keep up energy levels to put everything into regular workouts, on the other hand, comes with a lot more challenge to me. I seriously doubt that I’m alone in that. After Read more about What I Use to Keep up Energy Levels Throughout Winter Workouts[…]

tips to boost your energy without jitters

Want to Boost Your Energy Without Jitters? These Tricks Work Every Time

When your energy drops through the floor, you have two options: do something to get it back or choose a stimulant that will bring it back for you. Either way, a quick fix is often what we need because most of us just don’t have time to wait around and feel fatigued – especially if Read more about Want to Boost Your Energy Without Jitters? These Tricks Work Every Time[…]

About Abdominal Trainers

All About Abdominal Trainers: Effectiveness, Safety and More

Getting your core in tiptop shape can be tough, but there are a lot of products out there that you can try to improve your workout routine and get the results that you are after, especially if you are hoping to show off your abs during bathing suit season. One example of the many products Read more about All About Abdominal Trainers: Effectiveness, Safety and More[…]

Create your own Tabata routine

How to Create Your Own Tabata Routine for a Fun Customized Workout

These days, if we want to be able to get a really great workout on a regular basis, efficiency is key. For that reason, learning how to create your own tabata routine can help to get results without requiring the time.

After all, who wants to get up even earlier than we already do to go for a run before sunrise? Do we really have time in our lunch hours to hit the gym for a full routine? After work, we’re too busy battling with dinner, kids, chores and errands to dedicate a ton of time to a workout. Instead, create your own tabata routine and save precious minutes every time you complete it.

Being able to create your own tabata routine can take a bit of know-how and tweaking but it doesn’t necessarily require any expertise. Essentially, start with the concept of a basic workout and choose options


Woman using excercise ball for core exercises

Advanced Core Exercises Sure to Take Your Middle to the Next Level

At this time of year, everybody is promising that they have the solution you need to trim down your middle. If you’ve been doing this for a while, though, then you know what you need to get to the next level. The right advanced core exercises can make all the difference in pushing your workouts to where you need them to be.
Of course, you need to keep in mind that advanced core exercises on their own aren’t enough. You need to keep up the right lifestyle and eat the right healthy diet to achieve the results you want.

If you’re willing to eat right and give yourself whole-body fitness on a regular basis, though, then these advanced core exercises could top off your efforts and make the difference you’ve been waiting for.


body muscles in motion diagram

Interesting Facts About How Your Body Changes with Regular Exercise

Ever been curious about how your body changes with regular exercise? What if you were to discover that the only reaction is not fat burning. More interested yet? Because the truth of the matter is that regular physical activity produces a tremendous spectrum of physical, mental and emotional benefits.

How your body changes with regular exercise goes far beyond building some muscle or slimming down your middle. Believe it or not, if you are typically sedentary and all you do is add a brisk walk to most days of your week, you’ll experience changes right down to the cells of your body. Your brain patterns will change. You’ll be at a lower risk of a huge list of diseases, including type 2 diabetes and even some cancers. The longer you keep up the activity, the better and broader the benefits.


shoes for winter running

Top Workout Shoes for Winter Running

When you love running, even the cold and wet weather can’t get in your way. However, if you don’t have the right shoes for winter running, it can make your favorite sport into a far less pleasant experience. After all, if you’re trying to keep up your groove, it becomes a great deal harder if freezing cold water is squishing up between your toes.

This year, focus on the right shoes for winter running and you’ll find the experience warmer, dryer and safer on slick running surfaces. It may mean that you’re spending a bit more on shoes each year but once you give them a try, you’ll know that they’re more than worth your while. […]

How to get in a Thanksgiving workout

Best Thanksgiving Workout to Counter Those Extra Calories

Thanksgiving is the holiday that is synonymous with overeating, carb comas, and the kickoff to the end-of-the-year shopping season. While there isn’t much that you can do about the effects of carbs or gift buying stress on your body, you do have some control over those extra calories at the dinner table. Below are some of the best Thanksgiving workouts to battle the mashed potatoes and other treats that become abundant during the holiday season.

Go for a Jog After Dinner

Everyone has that one family member, or several family members, that they want to run away from when the holidays come around, and while it might be tempting to leave the table and get far away from Aunt Fran and Uncle Tony, it isn’t always considered acceptable behavior. […]