how strong can women get

Just How Strong can a Woman Get?

From a very early age, we’re told that boys are stronger than girls and, later on, men are stronger than women. It’s not up to debate. It’s information we’re told as a fact. But is it really the case? How strong can a women really get? The answer isn’t an obvious one. Caution: rant ahead. Read more about Just How Strong can a Woman Get?[…]

get in shape fall fitness goals

Get in Shape This Fall with These Diet and Exercise Goals

Even though most people think of spring as the ideal time to get in shape, the truth is that fall is also the perfect time to shed those extra pounds and strengthen those muscles. So if you want to join the many people who want to get in shape this fall, check out the diet Read more about Get in Shape This Fall with These Diet and Exercise Goals[…]

need to lift weights to build muscle

Do You Really Need to Lift Weights to Build Muscle?

Many people are under the impression that you need to lift weights to build muscle, but this is not true. While lifting weights will certainly work really well if you are trying to build up your strength and bulk up your muscles, there are several other ways to build strength all over your body without Read more about Do You Really Need to Lift Weights to Build Muscle?[…]

how to train like a bodybuilding pro

How to Train Like a Bodybuilding Pro

Have you ever looked at a bodybuilder and admired their physique and their work ethic when it comes to getting and staying so fit and trim? Well, there are a few ways that you, too, can train like a bodybuilding pro, whether you work out at home with your own equipment or you prefer to Read more about How to Train Like a Bodybuilding Pro[…]

eliminate body fat completely

Why It’s Not Safe to Eliminate Body Fat Completely

Body fat is the enemy—at least, that is what you are led to believe. But the truth is that it is not smart or safe to eliminate body fat completely. Your body actually needs fat, and for a variety of reasons, some of which are listed below. So continue reading to learn why the goal should never be to eliminate body fat entirely, but rather to reduce it to a healthy level. […]

Tips When Cellulite Won't Go Away

If Your Cellulite Won’t Go Away, These Tips May Help

Cellulite is a common, and embarrassing, problem. And it can be difficult to get rid of it, too. If you have tried a few different solutions but your cellulite won’t go away, give the following tips and tricks a try, as you might finally achieve some success. Focus on Your Diet What you eat can Read more about If Your Cellulite Won’t Go Away, These Tips May Help[…]

bikini season fitness tips for summer

Bikini Season Fitness Tips for a Toned Body All Summer Long

You worked hard to get your body summer-ready, but now it is time to work on incorporating some extra bikini season fitness tips into your workout routine. In this way, you can maintain that sexy, slim, and toned body all summer long. Don’t quit now! Know When to Eat the Most Calories To maintain your Read more about Bikini Season Fitness Tips for a Toned Body All Summer Long[…]

HGH increases muscle mass naturally

How HGH Increases Muscle Mass

When you are trying to gain muscle mass there is a lot to consider. What kind of diet, exercise, and supplements are right for you to name a few. With all the things on the market, it’s so hard to choose. One of the best tools on the market is actually inside your body. It is HGH and when produced naturally by your pituitary gland it is better than any powder, pill, bar, or injection. It has been proven that HGH increases muscle mass. […]

bulking and cutting phases needed

Are Bulking and Cutting Phases Really Necessary to Achieve a Chiseled Physique?

When done correctly, bulking and cutting phases can help you gain muscle while losing fat and minimizing the amount of muscle that you lose. But even though it works for a lot of bodybuilders, it isn’t your only option for getting a chiseled body.

Keep reading to learn more about this strategy, and what you can do instead.

Focus on Your Intake of Carbohydrates
When it comes to successfully implementing bulking and cutting phases for a chiseled physique, you need to focus on how many carbohydrates you are eating, while at the same time reducing your overall intake of calories. […]