watermelon for bodybuilding

Watermelon for Bodybuilding and Weight Loss


Are you seeing a lot of watermelon for bodybuilding products popping up everywhere you look? Are you finding claims about these melons at your health food store? Is your gym adding this ingredient to its juices and smoothies all of a sudden?

Whether you are a bodybuilder, someone who just wants to stay in shape, or someone entirely new to the fitness and weight loss world, you can benefit from watermelon. Watermelon is being called the new superfood and is getting new recognition from scientists.


Beat eating after workout

Beat the Urge to Binge After Your Workout

Has eating after working out become a serious problem?  Do you find that you burn a ton of calories, only to consume even more of them than you’d burned away?  Is it starting to feel as though you’re working against your own goals?

We all mean well by pouring everything we have into our gym sessions.  However, many of us struggle with a powerful hunger once we’re done.  Eating after working out can be a serious issue.  That said, it can also be avoided.  You just need to know what to do and take the right steps. […]

daily micro workouts

Micro Workouts for a Busy Schedule

When it comes to getting your workouts in, it isn’t always a matter of determination. Even those of us who are the most dedicated to our routines have times when life takes over and we’re just too busy.

Though you can’t use that as an excuse every day if you really want to keep up your form, every now and again, there are some ways to slip in a bit of a workout here and there, even when 24 hours just doesn’t seem like enough for each day.

Post Workout Snack After Every Session

Why You Need a Post Workout Snack After Every Session

If you’re exercising to lose weight, a post workout snack may seem like an effort in counter-productivity. In truth, you should have a good snack after every session even if you’re not hungry. Most people will fall into one of two groups after they complete their exercises. The first group is absolutely starving and craves Read more about Why You Need a Post Workout Snack After Every Session[…]

hot yoga burn more fat

Does Hot Yoga Burn More Fat Than Regular Yoga? Get the Answer

Yoga has become a highly popular technique to improve overall physical health, mental health, balance, strength, flexibility and many other features that are great for you. As with everything that is meant to make you healthier and that has gained a certain amount of popularity, hot yoga has become a favorite topic for top celebrities. Read more about Does Hot Yoga Burn More Fat Than Regular Yoga? Get the Answer[…]

recover faster after workouts

How I Recover Faster After Hardcore Workout Sessions

I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard over the last couple of weeks. I’m trying to get myself back on track this year – after indulging way too much over the holidays – and I have some new goals I want to reach this year beyond what I accomplished last year. It has motivated me to Read more about How I Recover Faster After Hardcore Workout Sessions[…]

maintain energy levels winter

What I Use to Keep up Energy Levels Throughout Winter Workouts

The winter is a fantastic time of year for curling up with a book while wrapped up in a warm blanket. Finding motivation and keep up energy levels to put everything into regular workouts, on the other hand, comes with a lot more challenge to me. I seriously doubt that I’m alone in that. After Read more about What I Use to Keep up Energy Levels Throughout Winter Workouts[…]

About Abdominal Trainers

All About Abdominal Trainers: Effectiveness, Safety and More

Getting your core in tiptop shape can be tough, but there are a lot of products out there that you can try to improve your workout routine and get the results that you are after, especially if you are hoping to show off your abs during bathing suit season. One example of the many products Read more about All About Abdominal Trainers: Effectiveness, Safety and More[…]

shoes for winter running

Top Workout Shoes for Winter Running

When you love running, even the cold and wet weather can’t get in your way. However, if you don’t have the right shoes for winter running, it can make your favorite sport into a far less pleasant experience. After all, if you’re trying to keep up your groove, it becomes a great deal harder if freezing cold water is squishing up between your toes.

This year, focus on the right shoes for winter running and you’ll find the experience warmer, dryer and safer on slick running surfaces. It may mean that you’re spending a bit more on shoes each year but once you give them a try, you’ll know that they’re more than worth your while. […]

Fitness Results with Tabata

Achieve Powerful Fitness Results with Tabata

Are you searching for a new workout routine that will get you excited to exercise and help you achieve powerful fitness results? Then you definitely want to give Tabata a try.

You have probably heard of Tabata, but if you are unsure of the benefits of this new workout routine and you want to know more about what results with Tabata you can expect, keep reading for some helpful information.

Burn a High Amount of Calories
One of the most desirable effects of doing a Tabata workout is the ability to burn a lot of calories. […]