Top Signs of Steroid Use

Top Signs of Steroid Use in Bodybuilders

In most cases, it is pretty easy to see the signs of steroid use in those who are using them. There are going to be some dramatic changes in mood, personality, and muscle gain that is not normal compared to a regular individual who just spends their time in the gym. Since steroid use can be harmful in those who use too much, it is important to recognize the signs of steroid use and get them the help that they need.

Physical changes
The first signs of steroid use is the physical changes. It is not uncommon for someone who goes to the gym to build up their muscles over time. But when this change seems to happen really fast or even overnight, this is a sign that someone is using steroids. Watch also for them having more infections, hair loss, jaundice, and issues with falling asleep at night. […]

Most Dangerous Bodybuilding Supplements

The Most Dangerous Bodybuilding Supplements

There is an entire market out there of supplements that is tempting to people for a variety of reasons. Though you may want to shed fat, build muscle, or even help yourself with your specific bodybuilding needs, you have to be careful of what you take.

Though there are some good choices out there, you will find that there are some really dangerous bodybuilding supplements that you really need to avoid at all costs. If you’re not sure then you need to do your homework, for taking something for a specific purpose could essentially be your downfall in the end. […]