compound muscle building exercises

Compound Muscle Building Exercises

compound muscle building exercisesCompound muscle building exercises are exercises that work or involve more than one muscle group. Compound muscle building exercises can help you achieve much different results than those isolated muscle building exercises. Compound exercises help you achieve overall fitness and it also helps you burn more fat. Additionally, compound exercises burn more calories than isolate exercises. […]

why you can look thinner but weigh more

Why Gaining Muscle Can Make You Look Thinner But Weigh More

why you can look thinner but weigh moreMuscles are a bundle of fibrous tissue that have the ability to contract, producing movement or maintaining a certain position. Muscle is heavy but lean, it can make you bigger or smaller depending on what your body looked like before. If you are overweight and you jump right into it building muscle and trying to sculpt, chances are you will look fatter. However, if you lose weight and get into building and sculpting after that, then you will start to appear thinner but weigh more. […]

perfectly shaped bottom exercises

Get a Perfectly Shaped Bottom With These Exercises

perfectly shaped bottom exercisesSometimes achieving a perfect round rear can feel very impossible, but whether you want to tone and lift or reduce and round, you can get a perfectly shaped bottom with these simple and effective exercises. If you are busy and short on time, you can still achieve great results in the couple minutes you actually do have. There are also little things that you can add to your routine for a great derriere. […]

dangerous bodybuilding products

Dangerous Bodybuilding Products to Avoid

dangerous bodybuilding productsThere are so many products on the market – some that work, some that don’t, and some that are just dangerous. First and foremost, if it sounds to good to be true-IT IS. There is no such thing as a “miracle” supplement and nothing gives you the results of steroids without the side effects. A lot of times when it comes to supplement dangers the products themselves are fine, it’s user error that makes them dangerous. […]

Amp Up Your Playlist with Motivational Music

music for working outMusic has an uncanny ability to change our mood. It can fill us with energy, calm us down and, for some people, move us to tears. This can be used to our benefit when we are trying to calm down at night to go to sleep or to supercharge a party that would otherwise move pretty slowly. The same thing can be said about music’s ability to boost your motivation levels when you’re working out. […]