Beat eating after workout

Beat the Urge to Binge After Your Workout

Has eating after working out become a serious problem?  Do you find that you burn a ton of calories, only to consume even more of them than you’d burned away?  Is it starting to feel as though you’re working against your own goals?

We all mean well by pouring everything we have into our gym sessions.  However, many of us struggle with a powerful hunger once we’re done.  Eating after working out can be a serious issue.  That said, it can also be avoided.  You just need to know what to do and take the right steps. […]

daily micro workouts

Micro Workouts for a Busy Schedule

When it comes to getting your workouts in, it isn’t always a matter of determination. Even those of us who are the most dedicated to our routines have times when life takes over and we’re just too busy.

Though you can’t use that as an excuse every day if you really want to keep up your form, every now and again, there are some ways to slip in a bit of a workout here and there, even when 24 hours just doesn’t seem like enough for each day.

whey protein

Are You Using the Right Whey Protein Powder?

If you’ve actually stopped to take a look at the number of different kinds of whey protein powder that are on the shelves at the local health food store, or – to an even greater extreme – at online shops, then it isn’t hard to understand why so many bodybuilders aren’t choosing the right product for their needs. Anyone picking a product nearly at random, you’re not doing yourself any favors, either.

A lot of bodybuilders opt for the product that has the lowest price or the best taste, figuring that they must all be pretty much the same. Unfortunately, this is likely costing them a serious amount of progress. Whey protein powder products are not created equal.  They have different ingredients, quantities and purposes.  It’s not enough to look at a price tag or marketing claim. […]

Sheer Thermo Review

Sheer Thermo Review

Sheer Thermo is an over the counter weight management supplement developed to help users to cut fat. This is a product made by a company called Sheer Strength Labs.

According to the official product page on the brand’s website, this diet pill works as a result of thermogenic ingredients. Thermogenesis is the process by which the body produces heat using fuel which is often in the form of body fat or calories. Thermogenic ingredients enhance the process of thermogenesis for the purpose of burning more of that fuel.


Juice from watermelon for muscle pain

Reduce Muscle Pain After Workouts with Watermelon

If you find that your bodybuilding workouts are leaving your body sore and tender, then you might find that the secret to overcoming that problem is in something as simple as watermelon juice.

Research into Muscle Pain and Watermelon

The results of a recently conducted study have now been published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. What it determined was that certain substances that occur naturally within watermelon can actually help to relieve the aches that bodybuilders. The same benefits can extend to other athletes feel after they have finished exercising, too.


Global Warming and Nutrients in Your Food

Is Global Warming Reducing the Nutrients in Your Food?

Is your diet less nutritious because of the global warming trend? According to a recent TED talk, that might actually be the case. Rising CO2 is pushing climate change along and while this is placing certain crops at risk from issues such as flooding and drought, the quality of our food may also be falling. Read more about Is Global Warming Reducing the Nutrients in Your Food?[…]

Weekly Fat Burning Workout Schedule Sample

What Goes into a Week-Long Fat Burning Workout Schedule?

A fat burning workout schedule can give you a bigger exercise advantage than you might think. Most people start with a strategy that is very vague, regardless of whether they want to lose weight, get in shape, build muscle or have any other workout goal. For instance, a common idea is simply to state that Read more about What Goes into a Week-Long Fat Burning Workout Schedule?[…]

Best Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners

Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners Who Don’t Know Where to Start

When you’re only just getting started, bodybuilding tips for beginners can be very helpful. Many of the articles you read are geared toward people who are already on their way, and who are looking to improve their existing strategy. However, when you don’t have an existing strategy, this doesn’t exactly do you a lot of Read more about Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners Who Don’t Know Where to Start[…]

Top Energy Supplements

Top Energy Supplements to Get Your Best Fat Burning Exercise Performance

Energy supplements can be a game changer for you when you regularly find yourself short on the drive you need to complete everything – including you fat burning exercises – each day. Even if you are pushing yourself through your schedule and your workout, if you’re not at your best energy level, your performance will Read more about Top Energy Supplements to Get Your Best Fat Burning Exercise Performance[…]

Digital Detox on Vacation

5 Easy Ways to Digital Detox on Vacation

A digital detox is a popular trend in which many people choose to participate. They make the decision on their own or even at the recommendation of a doctor or counsellor. A vacation often offers the perfect opportunity to disconnect with the digital world. It can be harder to do in everyday life because we Read more about 5 Easy Ways to Digital Detox on Vacation[…]