Getting Away to Mexico and Returning Strong and Beautiful

I talk a lot about my workouts and the importance of being consistently active and always improving your routine. At the same time, as much as I may get a bit preachy about how important it is to keep it up and to avoid skipping your workouts whenever possible, I recognize that there is something to be said for taking a break from a strict fitness routine.

When you’ve been sticking to your workouts for weeks upon weeks and you reach the goals you’ve been setting for yourself, your body, mind and spirit can all benefit from a bit of a break from the regimented workouts. It may sound counterintuitive, but taking the rare time off the strict fitness routine can be fantastic for rebuilding motivation and getting that fresh feeling back again.

That’s exactly what I did recently. I’d been stuck on a bit of a plateau and wasn’t able to push past it no matter what I tried. I kept everything up, but the progress I was seeing just wasn’t up to my previous levels. I decided that it was time for me to get away and separate myself from my life and my strict fitness routine. I booked a trip to one of the best luxury villa rentals in Mexico, Villa Estrella in Nayarit. I chose to go there to be able to spoil myself a bit and enjoy a safe place that wasn’t riddled with other tourists.

The goal for my trip was to let go and allow myself some recovery on all levels. I didn’t give up on exercising altogether, but I broke away from the routines and the gym sessions. I let myself get some real R&R and focused more on stretching and yoga as well as remaining naturally active instead of following a regimen.

My trip included visiting local towns, walking and running on the beach, swimming and I even tried a bit of surfing and boogie boarding. I went for some incredible hikes while I was there, too. I plan to go back again one day in the not-too-distant future, and I plan to go kayaking when I return. Not doing that was my one regret from the entire trip.

Between the new activities and the great food I ate the whole time I was there (I went with the meal plan, so there was a private chef cooking for me twice per day!), I came home feeling fully refreshed. I have my drive back again and, since I arrived home again, I’ve finally started to see gains in my strength and stamina. I knew I could do it. I just had to get away so I could come back rested and beautifully stronger.

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