Are Bulking and Cutting Phases Really Necessary to Achieve a Chiseled Physique?

bulking and cutting phases needed

When done correctly, bulking and cutting phases can help you gain muscle while losing fat and minimizing the amount of muscle that you lose. But even though it works for a lot of bodybuilders, it isn’t your only option for getting a chiseled body.

Keep reading to learn more about this strategy, and what you can do instead.

Focus on Your Intake of Carbohydrates
When it comes to successfully implementing bulking and cutting phases for a chiseled physique, you need to focus on how many carbohydrates you are eating, while at the same time reducing your overall intake of calories.

When you are in the bulking phase, you should be increasing the amount of complex carbohydrates that you are eating at each meal. So you can, for example, add more oats, potatoes, beans, and rice to your meals. All of these foods also contain protein.

Once you enter the cutting phase, you will drop those complex carbs out of your diet slowly until they are completely eliminated from your diet.

There Are Alternatives
Even though a lot of bodybuilders swear by bulking and cutting, there are several alternatives that you can try instead, and they will also provide you with great results. This is good news for those who are too nervous about trying bulking and cutting, as well as for those who simply don’t want to deal with all of the details.

Another approach would be to maintain your percentage of body fat anywhere from 10-15%. In this way, your body can build muscle and you will be able to see those muscles coming through as you get strong. You will be focusing your diet on eating right so you can fuel your muscles, so your weight gain will be in muscle rather than fat, and you can avoid that puffy appearance that often develops when you have more than 15% body fat. If you are over 15% to begin with, just focus on losing weight and getting lean, and then focus on building muscle for the best results.

Ultimately, bulking and cutting phases are an integral component to successful bodybuilding routines, but you really need to be sure that you are doing it all correctly in order to maintain your health and your strength. If you would rather take an alternative approach to your bodybuilding goals, you certainly can do that, and you may actually prefer the less intense way of doing things.

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