The Most Dangerous Bodybuilding Supplements

Most Dangerous Bodybuilding Supplements

There is an entire market out there of supplements that is tempting to people for a variety of reasons. Though you may want to shed fat, build muscle, or even help yourself with your specific bodybuilding needs, you have to be careful of what you take.

Though there are some good choices out there, you will find that there are some really dangerous bodybuilding supplements that you really need to avoid at all costs. If you’re not sure then you need to do your homework, for taking something for a specific purpose could essentially be your downfall in the end.

The problem with supplements in general is that they are not mandated by the FDA or any other government body. You don’t necessarily know what you’re getting, if the supplement is pure, if it will do what it actually says, or if it could cause you any health problems. Many bodybuilders naturally turn to supplements to help offset what they are doing in the gym or what they are eating, but if you’re not careful they could do more harm than good. Being an educated consumer matters greatly here, particularly in an area that comes with no real safety net.

Though there are some great supplements out there to count on, these are the most dangerous bodybuilding supplements that you really should avoid at all costs. They simply aren’t worth the potential benefits if they will cause you harm, and that’s why you should focus on clean eating and healthy living first and foremost.

The biggest problem with this particular supplement and those that feature it is the fact that it has a toxicity level associated with it. Add to this the fact that there is a temptation to want to take more than you need, and then you put yourself at risk of potential toxic exposure. If you take too much it could be quite detrimental to your health, for it can truly turn into toxins in the system. If you were to stick with the proper dosage then it’s not deemed effective, and so by trying to avoid taking too much you end up taking something that essentially does nothing. It’s dangerous, it’s not effective, and there are far better things out there.

You’ve heard about it, you probably know it’s bad, and yet there is such a temptation to want to take it. Though it can burn fat and help with muscle replacement, there is a huge downside to this too which makes it one of the most dangerous bodybuilding supplements out there. It can actually counteract the insulin in the body, which not only hurts your efforts but also can cause significant health problems. There is a whole list of side effects associated with this supplement, so it’s best to just stay away from it altogether.

You might not think of taking each supplement on its own as problematic, and truly it really doesn’t have to be. The problem when you take this supplement, which is essentially Calcium+Zinc+Magnesium, is they end up blocking each other. Add to that the fact that if you are drinking milk or taking in extra calcium through a smoothie, for example, you are giving your body too much of a good thing. They can become dangerous in too high of levels, and they will end up counteracting each other, thus deeming themselves ineffective anyhow.

It’s always going to be one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements because so many people want to ignore the potential downside to it. Though it can help with shedding fat and weight loss in general, it can also cause some adverse effects and even significant risks. You have to be careful with this as it’s marketed under quite a few different names, but in the end you have to know that its effectiveness is truly not worth the risk that it poses overall.

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